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Welcome To Natural Poplar Bark Siding!

Our goal is to give you an insight into the functional and creative design uses of natural poplar bark siding. Bark shingles are used as an exterior and interior clapboard-style siding, and home accent, as well as in decorative craft, cabinet and furniture projects.  Poplar bark creates a true natural look, and lends a distinctive character to the blended “modern rustic mountain” home.
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-Sustainable Building Materials -

The poplar bark is obtained only from trees that are already designated for harvest. What was formerly considered to be an unusable byproduct of the tree, the bark is salvaged before taking the logs to the sawmill.
Bark Siding is an eco-friendly choice for your sustainable building project.
All consideration is given to proper harvesting, conservation and environmentally sound practices. Working closely with foresters and local sources, trees are carefully selected for the best bark product. No machines are used to harvest the product. The bark is hand peeled away from the trees the old-time way using a spud, during a very limited time of year.

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Natural Poplar Bark Siding, Kiln Dried, Insect Treated, Large Shingles
Natural Poplar Bark Siding
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Who Uses Natural Poplar Bark Siding?

We work with eco friendly builders, architects, interior designers, contractors, craftspeople, furniture makers, and the homeowners  - who often are the ones who imagine and create ideas of how to utilize and feature Poplar Bark Siding. Poplar Bark shingles are being used in front entryways, screen-in porches, eaves, window boxes, accent walls and trim, and of course, on entire exteriors for the ultimate unique bark-sided home. Rockwork, timbers and painted woods all enhance the bark’s natural features.

Contact us for more ideas and to share yours. We’d love to see your creative use of poplar bark. Send a photo, and if you want, we’ll gladly add your bark home and/or project to our photo gallery.  We look forward to hearing from you

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