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Western North Carolina

Furniss Enterprises Inc. has been in Natural Bark Siding production since 1995.  As owner, Jim Furniss oversees the poplar bark process, as well as various land management and building projects.  With a degree in agronomy from the University of Georgia, Jim founded Mountainside Nursery specializing in tree nursery stock.  Later, he actively became involved with the management and construction of a select few of the area's widely renowned mountain golf courses, as well as prominent croquet and tennis clubs.  

Along the way, he also earned his Builder-Contractor and Real Estate Broker licenses.  Today, Jim manages premier land and building projects in Cashiers and Lake Toxaway, and continues as owner and devotee of his poplar bark business.

Having lived in Cashiers, NC and nearby areas most of his life, Jim has a deep respect and understanding of the mountains, and approaches all projects with an ecologically conservative approach, emphasizing quality and natural beauty.  The bark siding idea was born through homeowners' requests to build their mountain getaways in the flavor of "old-time Cashiers".  As these homeowners and others have happily reported, this special natural look offers a unique lasting mountain impression to their homes.  Thus, the Natural Bark Siding business was born from a revived century old building tradition.  Since its start, poplar bark is now not only used for home exteriors, but as featured interior enhancements as well.


Spud PeelerThe poplar bark is obtained only from trees that are already designated for harvest. What was formerly considered to be an unusable byproduct of the tree, the bark is salvaged before taking the logs to the sawmill. Bark Siding is an eco-friendly choice for your building project.
All consideration is given to proper harvesting, conservation and environmentally sound practices. Working closely with foresters and local sources, trees are carefully selected for the best bark product. No machines are used to harvest the product. The bark is hand peeled away from the trees the old-time way using a spud, during a very limited time of year.

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