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The installation of natural bark siding is simple and convenient. 
Like any natural wood product, bark is dimensionally dynamic and organic.  Poplar bark siding is ideal and popular for both exterior and interior walls, though best placed out of harsh weather exposed areas.  Care of the installed siding is minimal, as it is naturally resistant to most elements and has a low maintenance factor.  According to builders, poplar bark shingles are as easy, if not easier to install than cedar shakes.  The shingles are layered atop subsurface walls as prepared for cedar shakes or other similar sidings.  Screws are recommended to attach the shingles, though 2-2 ½ inch ringshank nails are also acceptable. 

There are two common installation overlaps:
(1) Single coverage, with a 6-inch overlap leaving an 18-inch shingle exposure.  This gives a larger shingle appearance, and can be used for more sheltered areas, i.e. covered decks, screened porches, interior walls.

(2) True double coverage, with up to a 12-inch overlap leaving a 12-inch shingle exposure.  This is the most often used and preferred indoor and outdoor look, as well as the recommended overlap on exterior walls for better weather resistance.

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